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The rotator is an additional device to the CNC cutting machine, which allows to cut any shapes into steel tubes or their end joints. This device can be used for both plasma and autogen cutting technology. All available control system functions and automatic functions for a given technology can be used for cutting pipes.

  • Min. ø of cut pipe - 50mm
  • Max. ø of cut pipe - 400mm
  • The maximum diameter is given by the size of the standard clamping jaws and the space under the cutting machine portal. By adjusting these two dimensions, pipes with a larger diameter can be cut.
  • The maximum length of the cut pipe corresponds to the length of the machine rails.
  • The maximum wall thickness of the cut pipe is determined by the capacity of the plasma source respectively oxygen burner capacity.
  • The maximum weight of the pipe is 100kg / 1 support trolley.



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