Cutting tables

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Cutting tables

Cutting table is used for placement of material that is cut by oxyacetylene or plasma burner. At the same time It is used for exhaust of combustion products and dust created during the execution of these processes. High rigidity, corresponding load bearing capacity, resistance against heat created during the cutting process and simple handling during removal of created wastes are fundamental design requirements for the table. An effective exhaust of the combustion products protects health of cutting machine operators and It also prevents deposition of fine metal dust on the machine Itself as well as on the surrounding devices. It increases their service life substantially. Quality and reliable exhaust is secured by special design of the table, which enables even exhaust of generated combustion products from Its upper part. The design also reduces direct entering of hot parts into the sucking channel of the table. Modular design of the table enables simple change of individual part of system in case of damage or wearing.

We offer to our customers PIERCE cutting tables in 5 options and various dimensions:


Model of table Cutting method Max. plasma current, A Max. loading Kg/m² Max. air channels Pneumatic lines, material
Light Plasma 105 250 1 PVC
Light plus Plasma 130 390 1 PVC
Standard plus Plasma /Flame 300 1600 2 PVC + Copper
Heavy Plasma /Flame 440 2000 2 PVC + Copper
Heavy plus Plasma /Flame 800 2400 2 PVC + Copper



Model of table Max. thickness of material, mm Table wall thickness, mm Section width, mm Width of module range, mm Length range, mm
Plasma Oxy     
Light 22 - 3 515 1000-1500 1000-3000
Light plus 40 - 4 515 1000-2600 1000-12000
Standard plus 70 200 5 515 1500-3100 2000-no limit*
Heavy 120 250 6 515 2000-3100 2000-no limit*
Heavy plus 160 300 6 515 2000-3100 2000-no limit*

 * Longitudinal module docking



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